Travis County will be more secure under the leadership of someone who knows how to aggressively prosecute violent crime, but also recognizes that other cases require a softer touch. We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. That’s why I am running for District Attorney – I will do more than promise change; I will be a strong advocate for victims of crime and achieve much needed justice for our community. We deserve nothing less.

As District Attorney, I will:

  • Rebuild trust in the office’s ability to protect and advocate for our community. Victims and survivors feel outraged with the way the current administration mishandles their cases. It doesn’t have to be this way. I worked in the District Attorney’s Office for 15 years, and I know that we can deliver justice for victims. We deserve qualified prosecutors, transparent communication, and an office seriously committed to justice for all. My administration will put people over politics and strive to achieve justice in each case that comes our way.
  • Aggressively prosecute violent crimes, including sexual assault, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, and felony gun possession. The current DA’s treatment towards violent offenders is dangerously lenient. This has resulted in a severe lack of justice for victims of heinous crimes and little to no consequences for many violent criminals. The job of the top prosecutor in the county is to see that justice is done. As District Attorney, I will prosecute those who have proven to inflict harm onto others and by doing so, make our community safer.
  • Commit to more jury trials. The current administration has over 90 prosecutors with access to nine criminal district courts; However, their trial numbers are nearly equivalent to those of smaller counties, resulting in some suspects being released before they ever see a judge. As District Attorney, I will bring more trials to a jury of peers in Travis County. Our system only works when we utilize it correctly and allow the community to play its constitutional role.
  • Reduce the backlog of cases so that prosecutors can do their job. In 2021, the current administration dissolved the Office’s intake unit, causing a backlog of over 7,000 pending felony cases to date. This is unprecedented. With an already heavy workload, prosecutors have had too many cases to be effective advocates for justice. I will reinstate the crucial intake unit to bring more hands on deck and account for the increasing demand of the Office’s services.

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