Sylestine Campaign Launches TV Ad Featuring Sexual Assault Survivor Who Says Victims Have Not Received Justice Under DA Garza

Video Tells Story of Female Survivor and Other Victims Who are Speaking Out Against Garza’s Record of Lenient Sentencing and Plea Deals

AUSTIN, Texas – Former public defender, prosecutor, and Democratic candidate for Travis County District Attorney Jeremy Sylestine today released an ad highlighting the story of a female survivor of an attack by a serial sexual predator who current DA José Garza let off with no jail time. The video, which criticizes Garza for not doing his job in delivering justice for survivors and victims of violent crime, will air on broadcast as well as digital media leading up to Election Day on March 5.

“I experienced every woman’s worse nightmare,” the survivor says in the ad. “I fought for my life against a sexual predator in broad daylight. I was out for a run when attacked. My watch documented those seven horrifying minutes ending with my leg shattered.

“This predator attacked at least seven other women and children,” she continues. “We deserve justice, but DA José Garza let him off with no jail time. Our community needs a DA who puts our safety first.”

According to KXAN, “A man who admitted to attacking a woman and exposing himself to a child is now on probation for the next 10 years. The survivor Lynn Isaak made it her mission to find wh oattacked her, and might be the very reason police were able to arrest Antonio [Cordero-Rios]. [Cordero-Rios] pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and injury to a child for indecent exposure. Nearly a dozen other women across the Austin area claim he preyed on them as well for nearly half a year before he got caught. […Cordero-Rios] attacked her while she was running in broad daylight. […] Shocked from the traumatic event, her Apple Watch would be key evidence in the case against [Cordero-Rios], as her movement showed just how hard she fought back during a recorded seven-minute attack.”

Fox 7 reported, “Tuesday, April 25 Antonio Cordero-Rios was sentenced to 10 years probation for aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and injury to a child. His victims packed the courtroom after waiting years for this day. ‘Your sentence is too lenient. You got off easy for what you did. I have heard no remorse from you. I have heard no apology,’ said Lynn Isaak, a victim. On June 30, 2021, Isaak became the first of 10 victims. She spoke after her perpetrator’s sentence was read. […] Vela explained to FOX 7 Austin why Cordero-Rios received probation over prison time. ‘This was a deal that was reached with the district attorney’s office after 16 months of negotiation. It took into account my client’s lack of criminal history and the facts of the case,’ said Vela.”

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