About Jeremy

I was born in East Texas and grew up as a member of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe. My grandfather was the Tribe’s Principal Chief. My father worked in the oil fields, and my mother supported our family as a bookkeeper. Growing up on the reservation, I understand what it feels like when the government fails you. For me, equity and justice are not just words – they are the foundation for who I am.

I moved to Austin in 1997 to attend the University of Texas and then law school at the University of Virginia, becoming the first college graduate and attorney in my family.

I began my legal career as a public defender in West Texas, and then returned to Austin in 2006 to begin my 15-year tenure in the Travis County District Attorney’s office. During that time, I was a prosecutor and a supervisor; I prosecuted some of the most serious and complicated felony cases on child abuse and domestic violence in a specialized unit, as well as many violent crime cases including capital murder, aggravated robbery, and sexual assault. The convictions I pursued in those cases brought justice and some sense of closure to the victims and made our community safer.

Knowing that progress only comes when we actively foster it, I coordinated the office’s internship/mentor program for over 10 years, while also serving as an adjunct professor at the UT School of Law. But in 2021, I felt the DA’s office was moving in the wrong direction, and I chose to step away and start my own private practice in criminal defense.

Currently, I live in Northwest Austin with my beautiful wife Molly, three amazing girls, and two dogs. I spend my free time coaching my daughters’ sports teams, serving on our elementary school’s PTA board, and helping my middle daughter sell Girl Scout cookies. I’m a defense attorney in private practice and proudly serve as the Chief Appellate Trial Judge of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of East Texas.

I’m running for District Attorney to build a safer, more just future for Travis County. With your support, we can restore trust in our justice system.

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